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The important thing is to not stop questioning.

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Coaching & Development

As a coach I am focused on helping each person to be the best that they can be. I work with individuals and teams to focus on their innate talents to help them play to their strengths, build their energy and support personal performance and engagement at work.

I became a professional coach in 2004 to complement and support my HR career of more than 20 years. Since then I’ve been involved with employee engagement, performance management and talent development within a corporate environment. Podium brings together these three elements working with people to identify, own and intentionally focus their unique talents, realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Coaching is all about the individual; it’s about the actions and the follow up that each person is willing to take.

How I work

I work with individuals and small teams to help them process specific challenges whether that’s career decisions, realising their potential by playing to their strengths or dealing with difficult situations at work.
Using a positive psychological approach to coaching and working with your natural talents creates a practical way to help shape the life that best serves you.
Great coaching is about trust-filled partnerships that provide a healthy environment for supportive, challenging and exploratory conversations that lead to great outcomes.

I find that my coaching clients tend to fall into three specific categories

Are you moving into a new role, contemplating a career change or looking to enhance your performance by applying your strengths? Whatever your challenge, coaching will help you to set clear goals, create action plans and take responsibility to make things happen.

Whether you’re a new manager who’s inherited a team or an experienced manager dealing with some challenging team members, development plans or performance issues, coaching will help you to establish and review your options and commit to a plan of action.

Working as part of a team whether it’s to deliver a short-term project or a longer term service can be challenging yet rewarding. Discovering and sharing what colleagues love to do and what drives them helps to boost trust, productivity and performance within the team.

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Consultancy and Development

Podium offers Consultancy and Development services to support the people aspects of business; this includes expertise in performance management and employee engagement, and mentoring for managers and HR professionals.

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